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Laceration and Injury Treatments in Marlboro, NJ

Our Walk-In Clinic in Marlboro, NJ Provides Laceration, Cuts, Scrapes, Stitches and Injury Treatments for Children and Adults. Walk in Today or Call (732) 963-4107.

Laceration and Injury Treatments in Marlboro, NJ

No matter how careful you might be, accidents happen and sometimes those accidents require professional medical attention.When your primary care physician isn’t available, you may think your only plausible option is to wait it out or go to an emergency room. There is now a third cost-effective alternative: The Marlboro Medical Center in Marlboro, NJ. Dr. Narendra Gupta has built a state of the art urgent care center that can treat your injuries and lacerations quickly, getting you back on a healthy path as quickly as possible.You can walk in any day of the week for immediate treatment or make an appointment from this website. His team is waiting to serve you.

What’s a laceration?

“Laceration” is another term for a cut. Minor cuts will often heal on their own, but deeper ones usually require stitches to heal properly. You should immediately call 911 if a cut is bleeding severely, blood is spurting out of the wound, or you can’t stop the bleeding after applying pressure to it.

When should I seek medical attention?

You should come to our urgent care center if you suffer a laceration and have not had a tetanus shot in five to ten years. You should also be seen by our staff if a cut needs stitches. You should get stitches if the wound is jagged, deep, or appears to be gaping.If the cut is somewhere on the body where scarring is a concern, such as a face, you should consider getting stitches to minimize it.Finally, if a cut continues to bleed after about 20 minutes, the area feels numb, or you aren’t able to use a limb correctly, you should come and see our doctors immediately.

What other injuries can you treat?

Marlboro Urgent Care Center can provide diagnosis and treatment for sprains, strains, and fractures. If you take a nasty fall or awkwardly twist a limb in a way it shouldn’t be twisted, you might suffer one of these three conditions. Unlike the advice from a baseball coach, you shouldn’t attempt to “walk it off” until you fully understand what is going on. You risk hurting yourself further, especially if your injury is a fracture.

At our walk-in urgent care center, we have a digital x-ray available 7 days a week for our doctors and staff.This powerful diagnostic tool will help our physicians get you the answers you need. Once we determine the extent of your injury, we can work on getting you to feel better again. We can also, at your request, forward these results to your primary care physician.

Marlboro Urgent Care Center is open 7 days a week, and we serve not only the Marlboro area but also Morganville and Englishtown.Our hours are Mon – Fri: 9am -7pm, Sat: 9am – 3pm, Sun: 9am-2pm. We accept most major insurances at our location. Visit our insurance page to see the list carriers we currently take. Are you uninsured at this time? Ask about our discounted self-pay rates.

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