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Migraine Specialists in Marlboro, NJ

Whether It’s Migraines, Fatigue or Dizziness We Will Determine the Cause Which Could Be Neurogenic or Cardiac. Call (732) 963-4107 Or Simply Walk-In. Visit Us at 203 Us Highway 9 South, Morganville, NJ 07751.

Migraine Specialists in Marlboro, NJ

Headache & Migraine Treatment

Headache is the symptom of pain in the region of head. Headaches can be migraine, tension or cluster. They can be caused by several conditions such as sleep deprivation, fatigue, effects of medications, infections, loud noises, head injury, dental or sinuses problems, brain lesions among many. The first step to diagnosing is clinical history, if it is old or new, one or both sides of head, severity, other associated symptoms such as nausea, change in vision, sudden onset, neurological symptoms, onset after the age of 40 years, and history of head injury. Most of the chronic or migraine headaches do not require imaging. In the case of neurological findings on exam, neuroimaging may be needed.They can be treated with OTC medications such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, Excedrin for migraines or prescription medications can be prescribed. Non opiate injections can be administered for severe headaches.

Whether it is a migraine or an occasional headache, you will be seen promptly by our physician. In some cases, you may be given a non-narcotic injection if necessary to relieve the headache. Further testing may be needed like CT brain scan if necessary. This will be determined by our doctors in Marlboro, NJ.

Dizziness & Vertigo Treatment

Dizziness can be described as light-headedness or vertigo. Light-headedness is described as feeling of faint or pass out. Vertigo is feeling off balance, spinning, falling,that your surroundings are moving, nausea, trouble walking or standing. Dizziness can occur in any age but it is more common in older individuals causing injury and falls. Most common causes of dizziness are dehydration, anxiety, anemia, flu or other infections, inner ear disorders, headaches, irregular heart rhythm, many prescription drugs, After complete history and physical your doctor doctor may prescribe medication, balance exercises, hydration.

We will determine the cause which could be neurogenic (TIA (mini Stroke), stroke, tumor) or cardiac (abnormal heart rhythm or anxiety. Our doctors are specially trained to diagnose, treat, and help you find the relief you need.

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