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Corona (Covid-19) Pearls

Corona (Covid-19) Pearls


1. Dry cough is mostly due to the pollution, dust or environmental allergens.

2. If you have runny nose and have cough, it’s most likely an allergic cough.

3. If you have a runny nose, sputum and cough, it’s most likely the Flu or other virus syndrome.

4. If you have a HIGH FEVER, DRY COUGH and SHORTNESS OF BREATH , it may possibly be Corona. GET TESTED!

HIGH RISK PERSONS: senior citizens, history of Diabetes, Cancer, Dialysis, Arthritis or with chronic conditions.

PRECAUTIONS: 1. Washing hands with soap and water is quite effective. Sanitizer may help but it’s not essential.

2. Instead of shaking hands, FOLD BOTH HANDS, and greet like in INDIA saying NAMASTE (greetings). Most European leaders have adopted it.

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Virus prefers cool spots and prefers the nasal passages mucosa and sinus linings. Temperatures over 85 degrees Fahrenheit can kill the virus. Inhaling steam, (Boil water in a large pot and throw a towel on the head to inhale the steam few times a day) should be helpful.

— Dr. Narendra Gupta, MD,Ph.D, M.S, M.Phil is an Internal Medicine physician and is a former MICROBIOLOGIST and BIOCHEMIST with teaching and research background.He is in the practice of Internal Medicine in Marlboro, New Jersey for the past 25 years. (www.marlboromedialcenter.com, (732) 963-4107)



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